Ancient Town of Finiq (Phoenice or Phoenike)

Visit Finiq by following the Sarande-Gjirocaster national rd. Here you can see evidence of life from during the Bronze Ages, but also the remnants of a town which developed mostly during the 2nd century BC, but continued into the 5th and 6th centuries BC, with the greatest amount of development during the 2nd century BC.

Finiq was the most fortified town of the Illyrian tribe of the Chaonians. It had merchant connections with cities as far as Corinth and Syracuse, which was proved by coins found during excavations. 233 BC Finiq became the center of the Epirote league. In 230 BC, the Ardians (another Illyrian tribe) invaded from the North, then took slaves and war trophies and left. This is where the Treaty of Finiq took place, an agreement between Rome and Philip of Macedon which ended the First Macedonian War. In 168 BC the Romans invaded and took over Finiq. The amphitheater of Phoenike was one of the biggest during its time.

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