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A visit to the ancient city of Butrint is another must when travelling in the vicinity of Saranda. Butrint is described as a microcosm of European history since it exhibits remains from most major empires of the area, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman ruins. Information about the city is well-presented in English and Albanian […]

Ancient Town of Finiq (Phoenice or Phoenike)

Visit Finiq by following the Sarande-Gjirocaster national rd. Here you can see evidence of life from during the Bronze Ages, but also the remnants of a town which developed mostly during the 2nd century BC, but continued into the 5th and 6th centuries BC, with the greatest amount of development during the 2nd century BC. […]

Lekursi Castle

Built in the 16th century (circa 1537), Lekursi Castle is located on the top of a hill, overlooking Sarandë. There are excellent views of Corfu and the islands of Ksamil from the castle, and inside you’ll find a nice restaurant which is frequently visited by tourists. The castle was built because the vantage point was […]


Although technically located in the District of Vlorë, Himarë is not too far from the city of Sarandë and would make a nice day trip or else a nice place to stop if travelling up the coast. There are beautiful white sand beaches, and majestic mountains which slope down towards the sea. Himarë is bilingual, […]


Located in the Northern part of Sarande District, the beach at Borshi is known as “the Pearl of Southern Albania”. It contains a castle, a mosque and a madrasa (an Islamic school). The territory changed hands several times throughout the years, being at one time a part of Ancient Epirus, another time part of the […]


Lukove is a beautiful seaside village, with an old road that leads down the hillside to “Lukove beach” (really the road is so rocky that you are better off parking your car and walking down). During the summertime it is a peaceful escape from the more crowded beaches of Saranda and Ksamil. The beach is […]

Saint Nicholas Monastery

Located in Mesopotam, this monastery is on a small hill between two branches of the Bistrica River. There are several large white blocks at the base of the church which are pre-christian. It also Includes relief sculptures of mythical animals. There is a large, unique and complex church. Destroyed and rebuilt many times, stages of […]

40 Saints Monastery

The 40 Saints Monastery refers to the same story where modern “Saranda” got it’s name from (Saranda means “40” in Greek). This monastery was built in the 6th century, then was modified over a period of several hundred years. It is comprised of two levels, but the upper one was destroyed in WWII. The monastery […]

Synagogue Complex

Located near to the City Hall in Saranda, these ruins show that there was a large wealthy Jewish community in Oncheasmos ancient name for Saranda) during the 5th century AD. There was a community center and school in addition to religious activities. The floors have many different mosaics, including animals and also a menorah and […]


In order to really enjoy swimming and sunbathing while in Sarandë, it is really necessary to spend at least a day in Ksamil. There are a few beaches from which it is even possible to swim to one of the nearby islands. Paddleboats are available for rent, or else you can pay a boat to […]

The Blue Eye – “Syri i Kalter”

This natural, deep spring embodies the clear, vibrant blue color which is seen in many of Albania’s water bodies. The way in which the water bubbles up to the surface helps create the illusion of an eye, with the dark-colored center as the pupil, and the surrounding blue water appearing as the iris. The spring […]