Lukove is a beautiful seaside village, with an old road that leads down the hillside to “Lukove beach” (really the road is so rocky that you are better off parking your car and walking down). During the summertime it is a peaceful escape from the more crowded beaches of Saranda and Ksamil. The beach is characterized by course sand and smooth pebbles, and the water is an aquamarine color like you’d expect to see only in the tropics.

As with many coastal locations in Albania you can see lots of abandoned cement bunkers, which were used as lookouts during the days of Albanian isolation. The village is very small and offers little in the way of amenities, but there is at least one decent-sized hotel to stay at. The hillsides of Lukove are full of olive and citrus trees that were planted by communist work parties. For an interesting account written by an Albanian woman who participated in this work party

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